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Pruning the Roses

January 26, 2008 - Saturday
Pruning the Roses. Current mood: thoughtful Category: So many life lessons in pruning my roses. Life
I set about the large task of pruning the roses. I had 17 bushes to do. Just some random thoughts. Some braches had to be cut with flower buds still on them ready to bloom soon. I hated to prune them before they bloomed, but it had to be done. I'd already put it off since last week. It got me thinking.... Those almost flowers are like the good things I was going to do, but never had enough time. It would have been beautiful if I had made that call, written that letter, or written that thank you.
Some old, even dead branches had to be cut to encourage new growth. It got me thinking... That's like all my old hurts, disappointments and resentments. They too need to be pruned from my life to encourage love to grow.
Boy this rose pruning seem to hold so many life lessons. The branches last year that I didn't prune enough grews long and spindly and couldn't even hold some of their flowers this year. Sometimes I do a little work on myself, but not enough to really make the difference I need.
I am looking forward to glorious roses this year because of the work I did today. Now to work on some more pruning of me.

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