Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's only funny if it isn't you

October 29, 2007 - Monday
It’s only funny if it isn’t you.

For days Bill and Erica have been badgering me to get a flu shot this year. I've never gotten a flu shot, and I've been dragging my feet.
With all the fires and nothing to do I finally decided to call for a flu shot, but because of the fires, they weren't giving them at this time.
So there I am walking toward Albertson's when I see the big Flu Shot sign on the front of their building. Only I can't see it well because it is folded down so I'm walking with my head tipped to the left and then it happened...
I tripped over the blue handicap curb and went sprawling flat in front of the store. OOOh my left foot and wrist and knee hurt, but I quickly could tell nothing seemed to be broken.
I was helped up so I could go rest and fill out an accident report. The manager came and brought me ice for my foot. Then she asked "is there anything else I can do for you?" Without missing a beat I said "could you get me a medium onion and some dill weed." She returned and I asked, "is that dried dill weed?" "Oh, you don't want fresh?" the manager asks. She quickly takes it and returns with the dried dill weed. I hobbled out of the store after paying for it.
When I tell my daughter she is laughing hysterically. I must say I failed to see the humor. As far as I'm concerned Flu shots are hazzardous!

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