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Before Bill Came...

February 4, 2008 - Monday
Before... Current mood: warm Category: Life
Before my husband came into my life (in no particular order):
I didn't make my bed in the morning.
I didn't have a "human" alarm clock. I didn't get up on time or go to bed at a reasonable time.
I didn't plan meals.
I didn't sit down to eat dinner.
I didn't watch golf.
I didn't go to Wall Mart
I didn't have a mattress warmer. (No really, it's electric)
I didn't know when the holdidays from school were (now I can't wait)
I didn't have left overs.
I didn't have any grandchildren, now I have two granddaughters.
I didn't travel as much, and I certainly didn't unpack as soon as I returned home.
I didn't know how to be quiet in the morning or in the car.
I didn't have so many flowers in my yard.
I didn't park my car in the garage.
I didn't have anyone to share the household chores with.
I didn't drink wine with dinner.
I didn't have anyone to send mushy, romantic cards to.
I didn't have short hair and didn't realize how much tme it would save.
And I didn't smile nearly as much
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