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Living Life the Hard Way...

July 18, 2008 - Friday
Living Life the Hard Way.... Current mood: tested Category: Life
Having just completed my l8th day of walking, I am recording my thoughts over the past two days.It is hard to live life the hard way...because it is easier:*to go downhill than uphill.( It actually takes twice as much time and energy, but it is a Big hill from the top to the bottom) But back to my list. It is easier:*to give up...than to keep trying*to make a mess...than to clean it up*to take a shortcut...than to go the distance*to spend money...than it is to save money*to beak something...than to fix it (and somethings can never to fixed)*to email...than to send a card in the snail mail.*to be impatient...than to be patient*to waste time...than be productive*to gain weight...than to lose it (Don't get me started on that one!)*to eat junk...than to eat healthy*to watch TV...than to read a book*to tell a lie...than to tell the truth*to make promises...than to keep promises *to be distracted...than to pay attentionIt's hard to live life the hard way because it is easier said than done.
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