Saturday, August 1, 2009

And he said...

And he said.... Current mood: determined
So I went to see the doctor for a checkup. He asked about my exercise, and I proudly said I was walking about an hour a day. He smiled cause last year I wasn't doing any. But, I added, I'm not losing any weight. It's been 18 a row. AND HE SAID, "Don't pay any attention to the scale."
I was already upset because the doctor office scale weighed two pounds more than I had at home. AND HE SAID, "Carol, you are walking to strengthen your heart, you're walking to improve the circulation in your lympatic system, you're walking to lower your cholesterol and you're walking to strengthen your bones. Pay no attention to the scale."
Now I never want to take health for granted but I have been walking a hour a day so that I could wear a bikini on my new lounge chair that is coming next month for my one year anniversary.
You'd think if my walking could multi-task all those issues the doctor mentioned, it could also add get rid of my "muffin top and the "pouch" where my C-section scar is from 1978.
I told Bill I'd walked my 18th day in a row AND HE SAID, I'll be more excited when you tell me you've just walked your 180th day." One hundred and eighty days! I didn't sign up for that. That's a long time. Surely my "muffin top" and "pouch" will be gone way before then.
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