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It's not that...

July 7, 2008
It’s not that ... Current mood: focused
It's not that I am trying to get into skinny jeans. I am walking a hour a day so that maybe my stomach won't hang over my fat jeans and shorts. And then I also don't want to let myself go now that I am married. One nice thing about being 62 is no one even asks if you're pregnant. They just know you're getting fat. But it seems harder and harder to lose weight and easier and easier to accept it.
Day 10 of the walking. That's the one good thing about starting on the first. Now I always know what day I'm on and I know the date.
The earlier I start the better. At 6:30 a.m. I am excited to go. At 7:00 a.m. Okay I'm going. At 7:30 a.m. Do I have to go? Today was the first 7:30 a.m. day. There's more traffic and much harder to get started. Quiet time was gone. No noticeable birds singing. I did walk noticing all the differences of starting later and vowed to get up early tomorrow.
As I was walking today I was a little behind one of those bra topped, wire dangling from her ear walkers. I caught up to her and then passed her. I know why race horses run faster when they're next to a fast horse. Soon I left her far behind humming. She definitely wasn't a serious walker. And truth be told, she didn't need to be.
Walking with a friend is different. This is serious, focused walking. And the words to " you've got to walk that lonesome valley, you've got to walk it by yourself. Nobody else can walk it for you, you've got to walk it by yourself." went throught my head this morning. And I thought that song is right. This is my walk. I can go as fast as I can or as slow as I need. I can walk in the street which is harder with two people, but easier on your feet. I don't have to say a word or I can talk to myself. I can change my route. I am getting into a rut, though. I walk up my street and then down a long steep street. When I get to the corner I walk back up that long steep street and when I get to the top, I walk down to my street. It takes about an hour. I have yet to clock it in the car, And exactly after 40 minutes I start to sweat and keep sweating the other 20 minutes home.
I even thought about pushing myself more. But I was sweating after the hour and my water bottle was almost empty. "Slow and steady, wins the race," I told myself and then walked as fast as I could down the street. Another day to count.

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