Saturday, August 1, 2009

Not such good choices...

Not such good choices. Current mood: disgusted Category: Life
It all started when I didn't wake up early. I ate a banana and went for my walk at l0 a.m. That is just too late on such a humid day but I made it back in an hour. I decided I needed some breakfast so I could take my vitamins. One scoop of cookie dough ice cream, covered with black berries, a handful of walnuts and another of almonds. Oh wait topped with extra creamy whipped cream. What a delicious breakfast.
I enjoyed breakfast so much I decided to have the same thing for lunch. What a delicous lunch. And now I remember to take my vitamins.
The afternoon came and I needed a snack so I had one piece of my Dark Chocolate California Brittle. A present from Erica that I've been rationing since Mother's Day.
Erica was not going to be able to walk, so I decided to eat early. That is when I discovered the three avacados about to go bad. I put them in a bowl and mixed them with some ranch dressing. Then I toasted a tortilla with butter and globbed on the avacado mixture.
Had to kill the taste of all those avacados so I had yet another piece of my candy.
Good news Erica did want to walk. No amount of exercise was going to make up for the stuff I'd eaten today, but more exercise certainly wouldn't hurt. Bad news she did want to go out to dinner.
We went to the Mexican restaurant. I had a bite of the quesadilla, but no guacamole for me!
I decided to tell Bill who is in LA and to blog this so I would tell myself the truth about my poor choices.
Tomorrow is another day and I plan to make better food choices. I also plan to get up early. I will not pull down those blackout blinds. I do have a stomach ache now, but this too shall pass.

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