Monday, May 31, 2010

Butterflies and Beetles

So, one of my 2nd grade science units involves growing butterflies and beetles from caterpillars and mealworms. It's very exciting to watch the metamorphosis.

I got to thinking about my life.
The caterpillar stage is ugly and down in the dirt dirty. Parts of my life have had those aspects, as I wandered around aimlessly. Not very proud of some of the things I did during that stage.

But then the caterpillar comes to the still stage. That was when my life reflected the Bible verse that says "Be still and know that I am God." That was when God wrapped me in the shiny chrysalis of his love and grace and told me to just hang tight.

The metamorphosis is time specific for butterflies and beetles, but when God is working on you, it is HIS timing, and while it is perfect, it is different for different lives. It seemed sometimes like I was hanging there forever.

But then it happened... I emerged as this fragile butterfly and God breathed life into my wings so I could fly. And wonder of wonders, I met another butterfly, who had gone through his own caterpillar stage and had his own metamorphosis in God's timing. And guess what? We are perfect for each other right NOW. We are flying together for as long as God lets us.

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  1. Carol, you truly are a beautiful butterfly of happiness and inspiration. I am so glad for you, your soul mate and your family. Blessings,